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NEW YORK ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL - Asian Films Are Go!!! (June 16 - July 1)

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Subway Cinema News February 12 to 19, 2004

Welcome to the third edition of the weekly Subway Cinema News - a guide to Asian entertainment in New York.

This is a continuation of Paul Kazee's Asian Entertainment Update, and like his update we'll be covering mostly pop culture - movies and the occasional play or concert. We'll be focusing on New York, with the rare foray into the great beyond of New Jersey. Or Connecticut.

Coming Soon

The Sunday Matinee returns with a vengeance as we show our favorite
movies to a disbelieving audience. Up first? The classic Hong Kong action
flick, RIGHTING WRONGS (1986, Hong Kong, 92 minutes) with Yuen Biao and Cynthia Rothrock
FEBRUARY 29 @ 3:30PM

This Week:

Happy Lincoln's Birthday today, and a happy Valentine's Day to everyone on Saturday. Remember: if you're single, Valentine's Day is the one day of the year when couples have to give you whatever you ask for (money, shoes, their apartment) so don't be shy about marching right up to them and demanding what is yours by ancient law. Happy looting!

Anthology Film Archives
MILLENNIUM MAMBO (2001, Taiwan, 105 minutes)
February 12-15
7:00PM and 9:00PM nightly
4:30PM on weekends
One of Asia's biggest commercial female stars, Shu Qi (So Close, The Transporter) somehow finds herself in a film from art director Hou Hsiao Hsien.
more info:

Asia Society
DEATH OF A SHAMAN (2003, USA, 56 minutes)
video projection
Thursday, February 12 @ 6:30 p.m.
In this documentary, Fahm Saeyang tells the poignant story of her father, a proud man and highly regarded Mien shaman, whose spirit is broken by the harsh realities of immigrant life in the U.S. Following her father's death, Fahm traced her roots from California to her birthplace in Thailand, where, reuniting with her Mien relatives, she begins to grasp the complexity of her father's past and the nuances of a lost identity. A conversation with producer/writer Fahm follows the screening
$5 students; $7 members; $10 nonmembers
For tickets, call Box Office: (212) 517-ASIA
more info:

Cinema Village
ROBOT STORIES (2003, USA, 85 minutes)
Opens February 13
Greg Pak's self-distributed arthouse, sci-fi anthology film revolves around robots: androids who need love, mechanical babies, toy robot collections, and digital consciousness. Critics like it, and it's won a slew of film festival awards.
Read more at:

Film Forum
BLIND SHAFT (2003, China, 92 minutes)
Run ends February 17!
Contact theater for showtimes.
Read our review here:
more info:

Loew's State
Bollywood films now showing:
KHAKEE (2004, India)
February 11 & 12 are the last days! @ 1:30PM, 5:00PM, & 8:30 daily
more info:

MOMA @ Gramercy Theater
February 5 - 27
MOMA's mammoth retrospective of Korea's grand master director, Im Kwon-Taek, continues with even more screenings. There are simply too many movies to list here, and I'll probably get them wrong, so visit this link for a full schedule and film descriptions:

February 12 - 16
Straight outta the Chinese video art underground, the clandestine passing of tapes blows up MOMA-style. A series of 17 video art pieces shot by directors like Wang Jianwei and running from 3 to 76 minutes this series sounds like more than your average video art navel-gazing. Claymation and hidden cameras are used as pedestrian traffic is disrupted, old Chinese movies are cannibalized and short documentaries about marginalized Chinese citizens are blasted across the Pacific in quick, digitized bursts.
Full schedule and info:

Two Boots Pioneer Theater
KAMA SUTRA (1996, India, 117 minutes)
February 17 @ 10PM
February 19 @ 9PM
The print ads read "KARMA SUTRA" but there's no such movie (although wasn't that a Culture Club song?). What's playing at the Pioneer is KAMA SUTRA, the movie where Mira Nair channels Zalman King for some high class, middle brow, softcore action. The cast is hot, but the story is not.
More info:^Kama+Sutra%3a+A+Tale+of+Love+(1996)

Village East Cinemas
The run continues for Satoishi Kon's heartfelt anime.
more info:

Walter Reade Theater
Film Comment Selects presents a bunch of movies from around the world, including these five from China and Japan.
For full details:

ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES (2003, China, 95 minutes)
February 13 @ 1:30PM
February 19 @ 2PM
The director of LOVE WILL TEAR US APART presents a visually demanding, headtrip scifi movie about a totalitarian China.

JU-ON (aka THE GRUDGE) (2002, Japan, 92 minutes)
February 13 @ 6PM
Don't miss this J-Horror sensation! The scariest horror movie ever made, it easily eats up THE RING and sucks the marrow from its bones.
Here is a review from the Sex, Gore and Mutant website!

BRIGHT FUTURE (2003, Japan. 92 minutes)
February 14 @ 7PM
Aw, it's Valentine's Day and we all know that means it's time for a movie about suicide, alienation and toxic jellyfish. From director Kiyoshi Kurosawa (PULSE, THE CURE).

SHANGHAI PANIC (2001, China, 87 minutes)
February 16 @ 4:30
From Shanghai with angst comes this docu-drama DV production based on stories by bad-girl novelist, Mian Mian, who appears in the movie as herself. A hefty digital dose of industrial, Chinese gronk.

February 16 @ 6:30
February 20 @ 6PM
A digitally scorched flick about alienated youth in Shanghai. Again? This time the movie promises some pretty stunning visuals as the director uses pure processing power to jazz up just about every single frame of his movie with a variety of digital tweaks and colorizing.

*Special Notice*
Japan Society
Tuesday, February 17 @ 6:30PM
The geisha, Sadayakko (1887-1946), inspired Puccini's MADAME BUTTERFLY, and on the 100th Anniversary of that grand opera's premiere, author Lesley Downer gives a lecture about the life of Sadayakko.
more info:

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