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NEW YORK ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL - Asian Films Are Go!!! (June 16 - July 1)

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August 19 - August 26, 2004

It is almost upon us: EBOLA SYNDROME is coming. The movie so hideous we could only show it one time, on Sunday August 29 at 3PM at the Anthology Film Archives. The most gleefully disgusting movie ever made, this horror thriller is a howling blast of anarchy that sees Anthony Wong (INFERNAL AFFAIRS) play a serial killer who contracts the flesh-eating virus in South Africa, then escapes to Hong Kong while humping handfuls of ground beef and killing people. It's OUTBREAK meets HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER with a bit of the Teletubbies thrown in for good measure. No advance tickets for this show, but plenty of prizes being given away. Make sure you get there early enough to get a ticket.

EVERYBODY SAYS I'M FINE, the Indian film directed by actor Rahul Bose runs from Sept. 1 - 7 at the Pioneer Two Boots Theater.

September 18 rings in the TEMPTATION 2004 concert at Nassau Coliseum, then on 9/25 you can see it at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. Whuzzat, you say? It's a gigantor concert that beams down the biggest stars in Bollywood for an all-singing, all-dancing, all-glitzy extravaganza. Who are the biggest stars in Bollywood? Shah Rukh Khan! Preity Zinta! Rani Mukherjee! Saif Ali Khan! And then a bunch of other people. Guaranteed to be like swimming in a big sea of cheese, in the best possible sense.
More details:

September 17 sees Taiwanese arthouse film, GOODBYE DRAGON INN, appear like magic at Cinema Village. It's all about the last day of a movie theater that happens to be showing King Hu's martial arts epic, DRAGON INN.

September 24 sees RING-maestro Hideo Nakata's DARK WATER appear at Cinema Village, as well.

October 2 sees a Shaw Brothers retrospective at Lincoln Center.

November 12 sees a contemporary Korean Cinema retro at Lincoln Center.

American Museum of the Moving Image
"Fist and Sword: a tribute to Jet Li"
August 20 - 26
A really great, little retrospective of Jet Li, but here's how to NOT promote your event: use the wrong titles for your movies! AMMI have considerately booked subtitled, uncut prints of these Jet Li movies (according to them), and they're promoting the films using the English titles for the cut, dubbed, straight-to-video botch jobs. So, provided below, is a handy reference for those who actually want to know what movie they're seeing.

Friday, August 20 @ 7:30PM
Jet Li stars in this eye-searing Zhang Yimou movie. The action is great, the visuals are spectacular, Jet Li acts like a madman, but the story's a little "eh". Still, you want to see it.

Tuesday, August 24 @ 7PM
FIST OF LEGEND (1994, Hong Kong, 103 minutes)
Jet Li appears in this remake of Bruce Lee's FIST OF FURY. He wears a natty schoolboy outfit and opens family-sized cans of whupass. If you see one Jet Li movie, see this one.

Wednesday, August 25 @ 7PM
THE T'AI CHI MASTER (here called TWIN WARRIORS) (1993, Hong Kong, 93 minutes)
Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh (remember her?) play the founders of Tai Chi, which isn't just something your grandma does, but is, instead, an incredible new way to beat up losers. Michelle beats some people up, too. It's directed by Yuen Wo-ping, who did the action in THE MATRIX and CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON.

Thursday, August 26 @ 7PM
BODYGUARD FROM BEIJING (here called THE DEFENDER) (1994, Hong Kong, 93 minutes)
Jet Li plays a Mainland cop assigned to protect a pretty lady in Hong Kong. He uses guns for the first time in his career, and the results are graphic. This is "bad-azz" Jet Li, busting caps and taking no prisoners.

"Mira Nair Retrospective"
August 21 - 29
It's a retrospective of Mira Nair, called "Mira Nair Retrospective". The movies on display are:

Saturday, August 21 @ 2PM
INDIA CABARET (1985, India, 58 minutes)
Documentary about exotic dancers in Bombay. Preceded by her short documentary, THE LAUGHING CLUB OF INDIA, where people stand around in the streets and, well, laugh.

Saturday, August 21 @ 4PM
SALAAM BOMBAY! (1988, India, 114 minutes)
Her first fiction film, with an all-amateur cast, this flick is about dirty street children.

Sunday, August 22 @ 2PM
MISSISSIPPI MASALA (1991, USA, 118 minutes)
Denzel Washington stars in this movie about Indian motel owners in the South.

Sunday, August 22 @ 4:15PM
THE PEREZ FAMILY (1995, USA, 112 minutes)
Marisa Tomei, Anjelica Huston, Chazz's the Mira Nair movie that no one saw!

Saturday, August 28 @ 2PM
KAMA SUTRA: A TALE OF LOVE (1996, USA, 117 minutes)
Okay, maybe this softcore exoticism flick is the Mira Nair movie no one saw. Lots of writhing, lip-biting, and gasping.

Saturday, August 28 @ 4:30PM
HYSTERICAL BLINDNESS (2002, USA, 93 minutes)
Okay, okay, maybe THIS is the Mira Nair film no one saw. Starring Uma Thurman and Gena Rowlands as suburban Jerseyites who, um, date guys. It's preceded by her movie for the 9/11 film where everyone made little shorts about 9/11 and its aftermath. Her bit is about a Queens family whose oldest son went missing after 9/11 and his family was accused of being terrorists.

Sunday, August 29 @ 2PM
MONSOON WEDDING (2001, USA, 114 mins)
This is the Mira Nair movie everyone saw. Just fantastic.

Sunday, August 29 @ 5PM
Special Preview Screening of VANITY FAIR
+ Pinewood Dialogue with Mira Nair
Apparently, this is the day to attend. Reese Witherspoon stars in what's being advertised as a Bollywood musical version of Thackeray's classic novel about society. Zounds!

ZATOICHI (2003, Japan, 116 minutes)
Japanese auteur, Takeshi Kitano, directs and stars in this modern installment in the classic Japanese ZATOICHI series. Zato-who? Zatoichi, the blind masseur who roams Japan killing jerks when he's not relieving head and neck tension. Kitano adds in tap dancing, digital blood spray, and his own, patented deadpan morbid humor.
read a review:

Brooklyn Academy of Music
July 6 - August 24
If it ain't Wong Kar-wai, it's Yasujiro Ozu. No other directors get as many retrospectives as these two. Good thing, or bad thing, there's no point in debating it, because there's no stopping it from happening. Case in point: BAM's enormous Yasujiro Ozu retrospective.
Full schedule and details on the difference between EARLY SUMMER (1951), LATE SPRING (1949), and EARLY SPRING (1956):
An essay on the career and films of Yasujiro Ozu at:

New York Korean Film Festival 2004: "Inner Turbulence"
August 20 - 22
The New York Korean Film Festival moves to BAM for two days. The best film in the festival, MEMORIES OF MURDER, won't be there, but intense mind-blower SAVE THE GREEN PLANET will be. Did they have to call their festival Inner Turbulence, however? It makes it sound like their tummies are all upset.

Broadway Theater (Broadway and 53rd)
The hit British musical, BOMBAY DREAMS is chuffing along. But even a score by A.R. Rahman (including "Chaiya Chaiya" from DIL SE, and "Shakalaka Baby" from NAYAK), a role for Madhur Jaffrey, the biggest Indian cookbook writer in the West, and inflatable Ganesh statues (plus a big fountain) haven't saved it from almost unanimous critical slams. Yikes! I liked it, but I like Bollywood, and if you don't know Bollywood you probably won't like it, and who in the US knows much about Bollywood? Bolly-bummer.
Ticket info:212-239-6200

Cinema Village
LAST LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE (2003, Thailand, 112 minutes)
Although Cinema Village's print ads bill this movie as "The new film from the director of AUDITION and ICHI THE KILLER" well, it's not. However, Takashi Miike (the director in question) does appear in this film as a yakuza boss. The movie itself is a beautiful, baffling Thai film about a Japanese librarian living in Bangkok and the bar girl whom he makes friends with when not fantasizing about killing himself. Eye-grabbing cinematography by Wong Kar-wai's collaborator, Christopher Doyle, anchors this flighty, slight, movie about living and dying.
read a review:

Film Forum
August 27 - September 9
Uh-oh. It's an enormous Godzilla/Giant Monster retrospective at Film Forum featuring literally dozens (okay, a dozen) classic and contemporary Toho monster movies. Call them kaiju eiga, if you will, but don't blame us if someone beats you up for being a dork. The schedule is on-line and Film Forum sez that if it doesn't say "subtitled" then it's most likely dubbed in English (you know, for kids). But do not miss GODZILLA, MOTHRA, KING GHIDORAH: GIANT MONSTER ALL OUT ATTACK. Not only is it a super chilly fresh title, but it may be the best modern Godzilla movie ever made. It's subtitled, and directed by Shusuke Kaneko who directed the hard rocking GAMERA movies in the 1990's.
More info:

ImaginAsian Theater
239 East 59th Street (at Second Avenue)
Three movies are currently running at New York's only all-Asian movie theater with the dorky name:

JU-ON (2003, Japan, 92 minutes)
Daily shows at 1:45 and 8PM
The horror movie hit from Japan keeps on creeping. Catch the original before Hollywood throws the Sarah Michelle Gellar remake at you this October.
More on JU-ON:
Or read a review at:

GOZU (2003, Japan, 129 minutes)
Daily shows at 3:30 and 9:45
Takashi Miike goes deep into David Lynch territory in this anti-Chihuahua, yakuza movie that features a sex scene guaranteed to turn you off of love making for the rest of your life.
read a review:

IMELDA (2004, USA, 101 minutes)
Daily shows at 11:45 and 6PM
The documentary about Imelda Marcos that promises to make you want to buy more shoes.
read a review:

Lincoln Plaza Cinemas
ZATOICHI (2003, Japan, 116 minutes)
Japanese auteur, Takeshi Kitano, directs and stars in this modern installment in the classic Japanese ZATOICHI series. Zato-who? Zatoichi, the blind masseur who roams Japan killing jerks when he's not relieving head and neck tension. Kitano adds in tap dancing, digital blood spray, and his own, patented deadpan morbid humor.
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Loews State
Bollywood keeps on keeping on! And today, for fun, we're linking you to reviews of these movies over at where average people - like you! - post their thoughts that range from "Pakistan cinema halls have turned into brothels!" to "Ash's wrinkles on her neck show it is time for her to marry and quit Bollywood." Hooray for the voice of the little man!

KYUN! HO GAYA NA (2004, India, 180 minutes)
Bollywood super-glamourpuss, Aishwarya Rai, stars with hunkie Vivek Oberoi. It's a love story, and Bollywood legend, Amitabh Bachchan plays someone's dad. Mixed reviews all over the place, and some people think Ash's neck looks wrinkled.
read a review:

MUJHSE SHAADI KA (2004, India, very long)
A Bollywood love triangle starring He of the Ripped Abs, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra. Salman fights too much, he wants to date Priyanka, then Akshay comes along and he has to fight more. Reviewers say the first 1/3 is monotonous, but that Akshay Kumar elevates the movie to a different level and the climax is unexpected. Injest at your own risk.
read a review:

Village East
JU-ON (2003, Japan, 92 minutes)
Now showing
Japanese horror hit, JU-ON, is still running all over the place. Catch it downtown and feel hip and cool.
More on JU-ON:
Or read a review at:

ZATOICHI (2003, Japan, 116 minutes)
Japanese auteur, Takeshi Kitano, directs and stars in this modern installment in the classic Japanese ZATOICHI series. Zato-who? Zatoichi, the blind masseur who roams Japan killing jerks when he's not relieving head and neck tension. Kitano adds in tap dancing, digital blood spray, and his own, patented deadpan morbid humor.
read a review:

Special Note:
THAI TAKES (April 2005, New York City) is the second New York Thai Film Festival presented by ThaiLinks. Shorts (less than 60 min.) and feature'length (60 min. or longer) directed, produced, or principally acted by Thais or Thai diaspora or films with Thai related subject matter are eligible. Categories: shorts, experimental, animation, documentary, feature, and youth-produced (Special consideration will be given to works that reflect the Thai diaspora experience). Works must have been completed after Sept. 30, 2002.

Formats: 16mm and 35mm film; Beta SP (NTSC) video. VHS(NTSC) or DVD for preview.

Postmark deadlines:
early deadline, October 4, 2004; final deadline October 29, 2004.

For more Information, e-mail: or visit:

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