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NEW YORK ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL - Asian Films Are Go!!! (June 16 - July 1)

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December 6 – 12, 2007

Don’t miss the New York Anime Festival from December 7 – 9. Movies! Anime! People dressed as their favorite characters! It’s held at the Javits Center, tickets and passes are still available, it’s huuuuge and you can learn more here:


Asia Society (725 Park Ave. @ 70th Street)
Wednesday, December 19 @ 6pm
Lee Chang-Dong’s new movie is the most acclaimed Korean movie of 2006. Song Kang-Ho (THE HOST, THE SHOW MUST GO ON) and Jeon Do-Yeon (who won “Best Actress” at Cannes this year) star in this novelistic film about a woman who takes her son and moves to a small town in Korea only to find that life there is even worse than she imagined. A delicate examination of faith and loss, critics have been chewing their own lips off trying to come up with superlatives for this film.
The screening is followed by a discussion with director Lee Chang-Dong.

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Ticket Info:
$10 members; students w/ID and seniors; $12 nonmembers. For tickets
call the Asia Society box office at (212) 517-ASIA or visit

The ImaginAsian
CASSHERN (2004, Japan, 141 minutes)
Saturday, December 8 @ 10pm
Casshern is the most amazing movie you’ll see this year. In October of 2007, Paramount released an 80 minutes version of CASSHERN on DVD. Subway Cinema is proud to be teaming up with Paramount to present the complete 141 minute cut of this cracked masterpiece. Exploding with digital beauty, this is the most unique sci-fi film to hit screens since BLADE RUNNER. Incorporating epic battles, massive cityscapes, genuine atrocity footage and shot with everything from cell animation to Super 8 cameras, CASSHERN is a digital prayer for the fate of the human race, an ass-kicking steampunk smackdown, and one of the most visually exhilarating anti-war movies ever made.

Also, the movie will be introduced by two members of the production team, military advisor Yasuhiro Koshi (BATTLE ROYALE, GODZILLA FINAL WARS) and soundtrack supervisor, Shin-Go (guitarist for J-pop duo, UNICORN TABLE).

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NOTE: Admission is free for Anime Festival attendees and we’ll be running a stand-by line for the general public. At 10pm on the dot, any available seats will be given to the civilians in the stand-by line, absolutely FREE! And with over 250 seats in the ImaginAsian we can almost guarantee that if you get there around 9:30 you’ve got a great chance of having your mind blown!

Japan Society
NO BORDERS, NO LIMITS: 1960’s Nikkatsu Action Cinema
This retrospective screens a film a month from the Nikkatsu vaults and it’s not to be missed. The movies have had subtitles made by Subway Cinema’s very own Marc Walkow who will painstakingly run them BY HAND during the screening (we whipped him until he got the timing perfect). This is the genius period of Nikkatsu when they were turning out stylish, jet set, visually jaw-dropping films from directors like Suzuki Seijun (PRINCESS RACCOON) and you really shouldn’t miss this opportunity to see these flicks.

LIKE A SHOOTING STAR (aka VELVET HUSTLER, 1967, Japan, 97 minutes)
Friday, December 14 @ 7:30pm
Male superstar, Watari Tetsuya, strolls along whistling the theme music, stealing cars, and knocking off thugs for money. Stranded in the sticks for a year while waiting for the heat from his last job to cool down he runs a bar that serves women and booze to sailors until he gets trapped in the crosshairs of chipmunk-cheeked Jo Shishido. “I’m a robot who kills people for money,” Mr. Shishido says, through his massive, surgically altered cheeks as he and Mr. Tetsuya exchange blows in purple and silver hotel rooms before meeting their grim fates as casually as most of us meet our friends.

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Museum of Modern Art
FALLEN ANGELS (1996, Hong Kong)
Sunday, Dec. 2 @ 2pm & Friday, Dec. 7 @ 8:30pm
My personal favorite Wong Kar-wai film, this spiritual successor to CHUNGKING EXPRESS is Wong at his most poetic. A hitman and his agent who loves him, a mute guy and his dad, a young woman who doesn’t want to be forgotten – from one angle it’s pretentious and pretty. From another it’s an urban anthem to life at the end of the 20th Century. And whatever you think of it, this movie features the best closing shot of any film ever made. If you haven’t seen it on the big screen, you haven’t lived.
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HAPPY TOGETHER (1997, Hong Kong)
Sunday, Dec. 2 @ 4pm & Friday, Dec. 7 @ 6pm
It would be hard to find a movie more romantic than Wong Kar-wai’s gay love story set in Argentina and Taiwan. Tony Leung (LUST, CAUTION) and Leslie Cheung play to lovers running away from their problems, their lives and the ever-changing world. A smeary, glittering ode to the poisonous pull of romance and and instruction manual on how to have your heart broken and glue it back together again, HAPPY TOGETHER is a pitch perfect power pop song about love.
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BEFORE WE FALL IN LOVE AGAIN (2006, Malaysia, 99 minutes)
Thursday, December 6 @ 6pm
Friday, December 7 @ 7pm
This black and white feature is from Malaysia’s hot new director, James Lee. Stark and stylish it recounts the story of two men looking for a woman who’s disappeared. One of them is married to her, the other is her lover.
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Pioneer Two Boots
UNDOING (USA, 2006, 87 minutes)
Daily, December 5 – 14
Sun Kang, Kelly Hu and Russell Wong star in this Asian-American flick about an ex-gangster who returns to LA looking for revenge and redemption after the death of his best friend. The first film in 10 years from acclaimed festival filmmaker, Chris Chan Lee, who also directed YELLOW.
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