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NEW YORK ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL - Asian Films Are Go!!! (June 16 - July 1)

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June 1 - 6, 2007


Angelika Film Center
PAPRIKA (Japan, 2007)
Satoishi Kon’s latest animated film is a trippy headrush that may not all add up but you get drowned by ideas and mugged by the imagery on the way to the end credits. Therapists have an experimental machine that lets them enter dreams and one gets stolen with dreams starting to seep into real life. All about career women, big fatties, genius, parades, movies and chat rooms this is one of those movies that gives you more than enough – which feels great in a summer where too many movies offer not much at all.
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Film Forum
Monday, June 4 @ 2pm, 4:20pm, 6:40pm & 9pm
One of the best documentaries you’ve never seen, Kazuo Hara goes deep inside the fragmented mind of a Japanese war veteran, Kenzo Okuzaki, who wants to make Japan face up to the horrible crimes some of her soldiers committed in the war. Okuzaki doesn’t just confront his interview subjects, he attacks and beats them when he’s not plotting their murder. Oh, and he also tried to kill the Emperor. Riveting.
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IFC Center
NEW YORK ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL 2007 (June 22 – July 8)
Ladies and gentlemen! The New York Asian Film Festival is back for year six it’s our best festival yet. Although we were just (as in a few days ago) left at the altar by Midway, who was our presenting sponsor until they suddenly changed their mind at the last minute for unknown reasons, people have rallied to our support and just look at what we’re showing:

Just look at some of our titles:

AFTER THIS OUR EXILE - (2006, Hong Kong) Wong Kar-wai’s mentor, Patrick Tam, returned to directing after 17 years and swept the Chinese film awards with this emotional epic about a marriage that falls apart and the damage a single dad inflicts on his son. This is the closest you’ll get to an Asian Ingmar Bergman movie.

I’M A CYBORG (BUT THAT’S OKAY) – (2006, Korea) Park Chan-Wook abandons Mr. Vengeance, Lady Vengeance and his Oldboy to make a sweet, loopy romance set in a mental hospital between a girl who thinks she’s a cyborg and a kleptomaniac, thus proving that all you need is robot love.

EXILED – (2006, Hong Kong) Imagine every action movie made in the last 20 years compressed into a hyper-condensed, super heavy particle that’s shot into your eyes at 24 frames per second and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what watching Johnnie To’s latest film is like. Feel your testosterone start pumping as this spaghetti Western fills the island of Macau with enough lead to sink it.

BIG BANG LOVE: JUVENILE A – (2006, Japan) Takashi Miike’s homoerotic prison story is trying to freak you out! Modern dance, sci fi, abstract sets and a love story between two murderers are the tools in his psychedelic arsenal. You thought you’d seen it all? Think again. (Co-presented with Japan Society as part of their JAPAN CUTS – Festival of New Japanese Film)

HELL’S GROUND (aka ZIBAHKHANA) – (2007, Pakistan) A gang of teenagers heads out into the countryside to see a rock concert but their detour around a political protest takes them into giant marijuana fields where midget zombies and other, less savory, characters dwell. It’s THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE meets the Taliban.

HULA GIRLS – (2006, Japan) a coal-mining town in rural Japan falls on hard times in 1965 and the only thing they can think of to save themselves is to open a “Hawaiian Village” theme park. And that means they need hula dancers. Which means they have to import an alcoholic hula teacher and round up a gang of misfits to learn how to shake it Hawaiian style.

DYNAMITE WARRIOR – (2006, Thailand) Panna Rittikrai (Tony Jaa’s teacher and mentor) does the action on this jaw-dropping hunk of kuh-razy action set in ancient Thailand. A plot to increase tractor sales by destroying all the water buffalo runs afoul of a high-kicking hero who rides wooden rockets. A wizard is hired to defeat him, then a giant enters the scene, and finally everything comes down to the magical powers of a virgin’s menstrual blood. This is the most fun you’ll have in a movie theater all summer.

And moreThe full line-up will appear at on Monday, June 4.

Japan Society
New York Asian Film Festival 2007 (July 5 – 8)
JAPAN CUTS – Festival of New Japanese Film (July 5 – 15)
The Japan Society is the place to be in July as they partner with the New York Asian Film Festival to bring the best in new Japanese movie madness to NYC. There will be guests! There will be movies! There will be hugs!

What are we screening?

DEATH NOTE and DEATH NOTE: THE LAST NAME with director Shusuke Kaneko in attendance.

EXTE, the hair extension horror freak out starring Chiaki Kuriyama (from KILL BILL and BATTLE ROYALE) with director Sion Sono in attendance.


FREESIA: BULLETS OVER TEARS – a sci fi movie about a future Japan where revenge is a licensed profession.

NIGHTMARE DETECTIVE – Shinya Tsukamoto (TETSUO: THE IRON MAN) debuts his latest movie and it’s an amazing, amazing, amazing thing to see.

GAMERA THE BRAVE – awww! It’s the latest Gamera movie. See the radioactive turtle destroy Japan!

And there’s one more very special guest who we will announce next week.

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Knitting Factory
June 19 @ 7pm
Japanese power pop band, Swinging Popsicles, have scheduled a show at the Knitting Factory. It’s a small show, an intimate show, and tickets are going to be all gone in a few days, so if you wanna go, get ‘em now.
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what do they sound like?

Walter Reade Theater
THE STORY OF QUI JU (China, 1992)
Tuesday, June 2 @ 7:30pm
Probably one of the best collaborations between Zhang Yimou and Gong Li, this flick was filmed almost entirely with non-actors and with hidden cameras. Qui Ju (Gong Li) stars as a peasant who demands justice when the village chief kicks her husband in the nuts and she will go all the way to the top to get it. Totally unexpected, it’s a comedy of manners from one of the great collaborations between an actress and a director.
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And don’t forget – if you want to save Hong Kong’s greatest radio station, RTHK, go sign the online petition you’ll find here:

There’s more info here:


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