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NEW YORK ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL - Asian Films Are Go!!! (June 16 - July 1)

Visit our archive for previous editions of the NEW YORK ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL:
and 2005.

February 1 - 8, 2006


(February 15 - 28)
Film Comment brings a fistful of movies to Lincoln Center every year and they're going heavy on the Asian flicks this time out. Kiyoshi Kurosawa's latest, LOFT (a disappointing film, if you ask me - Paul), the new noise rock apocalypse film from Shinji Aoyama starrying Tadanobu Asano, ELI ELI LEMA SABACHTANI, all the big Asian films from the fests (BASHING, SHANGHAI DREAMS, EVERLASTING REGRET, FORSAKEN LAND) and three shorts by Shinya Tsukamoto (HAZE), Apichatpong Weerasethakul (WORLDLY DESIRES) and Song Il-Gon (Magicians).

(February 18 - March 26, 2006)
A retrospective of two of Hollywood's first non-white stars out at the Museum of the Moving Image.

(Feb 24 - March 19)
One of Japan's leading avante garde filmmakers, and the son of Japan's no. 1 Ikebana (flower-arranging) expert, Hiroshi is getting a big BAM retro with all his major films; THE FACE OF ANOTHER, WOMAN IN THE DUNES, SUMMER SOLDIERS and PITFALL.

(March 16 - 19)
The Anthology Film Archives presents a retrospective of the Chinese director Jia Zhangke who has inspired more critical drooling than any other Chinese director in recent history. From his first film, THE PICKPOCKET, to his most recent, THE WORLD, all four of his movies are here.

(April 21)
A wide release for the Chinese film about where your pashmina comes from - with AK-47's! KEKEXILI is beautiful, raw and depressing: everything you've ever wanted in a Spring movie.
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(Sometime in Spring, 2006)
Everyone's favorite female samurai in a micro-mini and cape hacks n'slashes her way onto US screens this Spring.
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Fair Theater (90th Street and Astoria Blvd, in Jackson Heights)
Sunday - Wednesday (February 5 - 8)
Double features all day long. Double features of cheesy action movies. Double features of cheesy action movies advertised with retro ads that make Carvel commercials look high-brow. This could be a grindhouse fan's favorite new destination, or - if it's the same place that I (Paul) checked out on a dare many moons ago, then it could also be a filty porn house showing 8th generation dubs of old movies on tiny monitors situated within a warren of dark, crusty video rooms. Anyone wanna take a chance and report back to us!
KILLER FORCE is a Telly Savalas/Peter Fonda crime film from the 70's, but A FIST FULL OF YEN? That was the name of the hilarious ENTER THE DRAGON spoof from KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE, but maybe the name has alsos been aplied to something else?

ImaginAsian Theater
(239 East 59th Street, btwn 2nd and 3rd Ave)
RANG DE BASANTI (India, 2006)
Daily shows
Aamir Khan won hearts and minds with his cricket-epic, LAGAAN, but in 2005 he alienated pretty much everyone with his crass, cardboard epic THE RISING. Now he returns in what must be the most-talked-about Bollywood movie to come along in a long, long time. RDB looked like a "generation comes of age" movie but when it was released it suddenly revealed that it's also a "generation kicks some ass" and "generation shoots some politicians" movie that sounds like it's two parts THE BIG CHILL to one part TAXI DRIVER.
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Loew's State
Is the Loew's State closed? They aren't listed in the paper this week and no one answers the phone? Anyone know? We had heard rumors they were shutting their doors at some point.
What was playing last week:

BLUFFMASTER (India, 2005)
The Abhishek Bachchan comedy that many hailed as the best movie of 2005, and that others thought was old fashioned and nothing to write home about.
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ZINDA (India, 2006)
Bollywood remakes the Korean hit OLDBOY. Yes, Park Chan-Wook's stylized tale of revenge and dental violence (and live octopus eating) gets the Bollywood treatment in a movie that looks like it could be a shot-for-shot remake.
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FAMILY (India, 2006)
This crime film from Bollywood was highly anticipated but has received mixed reviews. Amitabh Bachchan stars as a crime figure whose family goes to war with another family. When I say the reviews are mixed I mean that most people accuse the movie of being little more than a vehicle for the producer's son.
read one of them:

Madison Square Garden
RAIN - IN CONCERT!!!!Friday, February 2 @ 8:30PM
Fresh off his sold-out Asian concert tour, the Korean pop singer Rain makes his solo US debut at Madison Square Garden. For film fans, Rain is set to star in Park Chan-Wook's (OLDBOY) next movie, I'M A CYBORG (AND THAT'S OKAY). Tickets are $60 - $150 and you can get them through Ticketmaster (
More info about Rain here:

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