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NEW YORK ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL - Asian Films Are Go!!! (June 16 - July 1)

Visit our archive for previous editions of the NEW YORK ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL:
and 2005.

May 19 - 26, 2006

Go to the Lincoln Center Festival for Asian music, dance and theater!
From July 10th through 30th, the Lincoln Center Festival brings extraordinary Asian performers to America. The hippest artists in Bangkok converge in New York on July 28th and 29th for Ramakien: A Rak Opera, a radical and lusty re-telling of the timeless Thai masterpiece The Ramayana. Filmmakers, visual artists, rock and pop stars, underground electronica DJs, and other assorted Thai scenesters illuminate present day Thai culture in this vibrant, fiery, and often raucous extravaganza. On July 21st and 22nd, the prolific Japanese choreographer Saburo Teshigawara fuses sculpture with dance, air, space and time in his mysterious Bones in Pages. A cult figure in Japan, this celebrated artist has achieved iconic status throughout Europe and Festival provides a unique chance to witness his rare gifts. And, from July 27th through July 30th, Singapore's Ong Keng Sen explores the secret world of the enigmatic geisha in Geisha, an enchanting tapestry of tea-house stories. This new production by Theatreworks Singapore includes traditional Kabuki dancers and performances on the three-stringed Japanese shamisen.
For tickets and information: 212.721.6500 or

At the Anthology Film Archives and the ImaginAsian
More funny than monkey!
More deadly than shark!
More exciting than ninja!

The New York Asian Film Festival is five years old so come celebrate by watching the latest movies from Asia that will make your head explode! We've just confirmed our Korean line-up which now includes: A Bittersweet Life - the best action movie of 2005; THE Magicians and A Feather In The Wind (aka: GIT) - two excellent indie movies from Song Il-Gon; Blood Rain - an intense, NAME OF THE ROSE type murder mystery with a super-IQ and added gore; and Welcome To Dongmakol - the huge hit from Korea that ran for three months, sold more tickets than KING KONG and HARRY POTTER combined, and is a tragic-comedy about the Korean War.

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THE PROMISE - Chen Kaige's gigantic, sumptuous spectacle takes the wu xia pian and transforms it into a kitschy, colorful circus where everyone flies, the costumes are enormous, and Cecelia Cheung winds up locked in a golden birdcage.
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WATER (India, 2006, 114 minutes)
Deepa Mehta's trilogy draws to a close with this story of widows living in India. Powerful and moving, it rocked the Canadian box office and was targeted for trouble in India where the set was attacked and burned down.
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Anthology Film Archive
Daily, May 19 - May 21
This special program, curated by programmers in New York and China, brings the latest in video art, experimental filmmaking and indies from China to the Anthology Film Archives.
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WATER (India, 2006, 114 minutes)
Daily at 1:30pm, 4pm, 9:30pm
Deepa Mehta's trilogy draws to a close with this story of widows living in India. Powerful and moving, it rocked the Canadian box office and was targeted for trouble in India where the set was attacked and burned down.
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China Institute
HERO (2002, China, 96 minutes)
Friday, May 19 @ 7:30pm
The tail end of the China Institute's excellent "Way of the Kick" series which featured DVD screenings DRUNKEN MASTER 2 and COME DRINK WITH ME, features a screening of Zhang Yimou's eye-popping Jet Li movie, HERO. If you missed it, now's your chance to see it. If you saw it, now's your chance to study it.
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IFC Center
THREE TIMES (Taiwan, 2005)
Hou Hsiao-hsien's latest slow-moving art film stars the luminous Shu Qi, she of the planetary lips, in three roles set in three decades.
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RASHOMON (1950, Japan, 89 minutes)
Saturday and Sunday at noon
Akira Kurosawa's RASHOMON is a classic, and it's the movie that put new Japanese filmmaking on the map. The story of an assault told from three different points of view it still holds up today and if you haven't seen it, you should.
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ImaginAsian Theater
(239 East 59th Street, btwn 2nd and 3rd Ave)
Daily at 1:00 pm, 3:45 pm, 6:30 pm, 9:15 pm
This 135 minute art flick casts artist Matthew Barney and Icelandic elf, Bjork, as the Tracy and Hepburn of the petroleum jelly set. Set on the last working Japanese whaling ship, the movie also features the long-suffering and good-natured crew engaging in artsy activities. And it features 25 tons of Vaseline.
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Landmark Sunshine
CLEAN (2004, France, 111 minutes)
The Maggie Cheung-starring French film where everyone's fave Hong Kong icon plays a skanky, junkie mommy.
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Museum of Modern Art
LOST IN WU SONG (2005, China)
Friday, May 19 @ 8:30pm
A ninety minute, super-16 indie comedy from Hong Kong, LOST IN WU SONG tells the story of a low budget director trying to make a movie about the Chinese hero, Wu Song, the most macho man in the history of China. Heavy drinking, fights with the producer, uncooperative actors and a short-tempered bouncer in the lead role all conspire to turn feeling into farce.
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Paris Theater (58th Street and 5th Avenue)
WATER (India, 2006, 114 minutes)
Daily at 11:45am, 1:25pm, 4:45pm, 7:3pm, 9:55pm
Deepa Mehta's trilogy draws to a close with this story of widows living in India. Powerful and moving, it rocked the Canadian box office and was targeted for trouble in India where the set was attacked and burned down.
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Village East
SYMPATHY FOR LADY VENGEANCE, the third and final installment in Park Chan-Wook's vengeance trilogy (including SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGEANCE and OLDBOY) hits New York in all its impeccably styled, somewhat confusing glory.
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