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NEW YORK ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL - Asian Films Are Go!!! (June 16 - July 1)

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November 15 - 22, 2007

If any of you came to see HELL’S GROUND at the New York Asian Film Festival this past summer, you’ll remember that it’s the crunkiest, weirdest, most fun horror movie from Pakistan you’ve ever seen. If you want to see more movies from Pakistan, do your part to show that Americans don’t support the hideous repression going on over there right now. No matter what your politics are, we’re Americans for fuck’s sake and we cannot support a government that tortures and imprisons its citizens who are asking for open elections. We can’t support a government that declares a media blackout. We can’t support a government that doesn’t want more awesome Pakistani exploitation movies to be made.
If you want to get involved, one way to start is by signing the petition at:

We now climb down off our soap box and return you to the exciting world of Asian movies.

OM SHANTI OM (India, 2007)
Playing at:
AMC Loews Village 7
AMC Empire 25
Edgewater Multiplex Cinemas, NJ
Regal Hadley Center 16, NJ
AMC Loews Plaza 8, NJ
AMC Loews Jersey Gardens, NJ
The newest movie from choreographer-turned-director Farah Khan, OM SHANTI OM, is a giant loveletter to Bollywood movies from yesteryear and a starring vehicle for super-celebrity Shah Rukh Khan. Gorgeous, dazzling, mega-kitschy musical numbers, cameo appearances by just about every actor in Bollywood, over-the-top camp and a story about reincarnated lover, OM SHANTI OM is the most-anticipated Bollywood musical of the year.
read a review:

See the super-trailer:

LUST, CAUTION (Taiwan, 2007)
Playing at:
Landmark Sunshine
Lincoln Plaza Cinemas
Kew Gardens Cinema
Ang Lee’s dirty movie is moody, repressed and features lots of scenes of Tony Leung naked. It’s also about 500 hours long. Still: Tony Leung naked.
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Columbia University
EPITAPH (2007, Korea)
Friday, November 16 @ 8pm
Hailed as one of the best Korean movies of 2007, EPITAPH is a delicately made, intricate and moody horror flick. Both directors (it took two!) will be present for this screening at the Davis Auditorium.
For directions to Davis Auditorium (up on 116th Street and Broadway):
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more info:

Fontana’s Bar (105 Eldridge Street)
Friday, November 23 @ 7pm
Karaterice, the Asian punk promoters, are bringing four bands to hurt your ears.
There’s Suaka, whose super power is Indonesian metal fusion; Gelatine, a mutant mixture of punk that is super-cute and super-grotesque; the Back CC’s vs. Los Romeros Specials; and Small Mountain Path, whose abilities include psychedelic music and garage rock.
21 and over only, $8
More on the bands:

The ImaginAsian
SAAWARIYA (India, 2007, 147 minutes)
Daily @ 12:45pm, 3:45pm, 7pm, 10:15pm
The latest flick from Sanjay Leela Bansali is a lush, beautiful musical based on a short story by Dostoevsky about a young man who meets the girl of his dreams who happens to be completely in love with someone else. Variety calls it, “A really small movie done up in a big, moody package...” and you can see the gorgeous trailer here:
buy tickets:

HYPERBOLE OF YOUTH (Korea, 1956, 94 minutes)
Thursday, November 29 @ 6:30pm
A classic Korean film about two young girls, one of whom suffers from malnutrition and one of whom suffers from over-eating. Their doctor forces them to switch lives and they fall for each others’ boyfriends and wind up having a joint marriage ceremony. Yes, you read that right. With and intro by film scholar, Im Hyun-Ock.
more info:

Japan Society
NO BORDERS, NO LIMITS: 1960’s Nikkatsu Action Cinema
This retrospective screens a film a month from the Nikkatsu vaults and it’s not to be missed. The movies have had subtitles made by Subway Cinema’s very own Marc Walkow who will painstakingly run them BY HAND during the screening (we whipped him until he got the timing perfect). This is the genius period of Nikkatsu when they were turning out stylish, jet set, visually jaw-dropping films from directors like Suzuki Seijun (PRINCESS RACCOON) and you really shouldn’t miss this opportunity to see these flicks.

Coming up in December...VELVET HUSTLER!!!
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Pioneer Two Boots
I FOR INDIA (India, 2005, 70 minutes)
Daily from November 15 - 21
In 1965, Yash Pal Suri had moved to England and was frustrated by the bad quality of international calls. So he bought a Super 8 movie camera for his parents back in India, bought a Super 8 camera for himself, and they filmed movie diaries that they exchanged. Now his daughter has edited together a documentary out of the footage.
Read the rave reviews:

Tuesday, November 20 @ 6:30pm
A DVD screening of two classics of Iranian cinema: THE HOUSE IS BLACK (1964) and THE COW (1969) followed by a book signing and discussion with award-winning author and cultural critic, Hamid Dabashi.
Hamid Dabashi bio:

UNDOING (USA, 2006, 87 minutes)
Daily, December 5 – 14
Sun Kang, Kelly Hu and Russell Wong star in this Asian-American flick about an ex-gangster who returns to LA looking for revenge and redemption after the death of his best friend. The first film in 10 years from acclaimed festival filmmaker, Chris Chan Lee, who also directed YELLOW.
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