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NEW YORK ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL - Asian Films Are Go!!! (June 16 - July 1)

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Subway Cinema News February 19 - 26, 2004
Welcome to the fourth edition of the weekly Subway Cinema News - a guide to Asian entertainment in New York.

This is a continuation of Paul Kazee's Asian Entertainment Update, and like his update we'll be covering mostly pop culture - movies and the occasional play or concert. We'll be focusing on New York, with the rare foray into the great beyond of New Jersey. Or Connecticut.

Coming Soon!

The Sunday Matinee returns with a vengeance as we show our favorite
movies to a disbelieving audience at the Anthology Film Archives. Up first? The classic Hong Kong action

RIGHTING WRONGS (1986, Hong Kong, 92 minutes)
FEBRUARY 29 @ 3:30PM
Yuen Biao is a prosecutor who's sick and tired of criminals escaping the law. Cynthia Rothrock is a cop who applies her make-up with a trowel. Together, they fight crime for ninety minutes of unending stunts, fights, car chases, and kung fu beat downs. La Rothrock and Karen Shepherd duke it out with mile-long bamboo poles! Yuen Biao dukes it out with speeding cars! The audience jumps up and down until their heads explode.

Here is a link to a recent interview with Karen Shepard

This Week:
It's a quiet week before the deluge. March is bringing tons of events, and the end of February brings a Subway Cinema screening of RIGHTING WRONGS, but for now it's very, very quiet.

Feb 19 - Feb 26
Asia Society
February 26-28
Three feature films and a daylong documentary series from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka documenting everyone's favorite things, like gender inequality, post-9/11 discrimination, and caste-based oppression.
$5 students; $7 members/NGOs; $10 nonmembers
more info:

Cinema Village
ROBOT STORIES (2003, USA, 85 minutes)
Opens February 13
Greg Pak's self-distributed arthouse, sci-fi anthology film revolves around robots: androids who need love, mechanical babies, toy robot collections, and digital consciousness. Critics like it, and it's won a slew of film festival awards.
Read more at:

Japan Society
The History of Japanese Horror Films gets even more horrific!
LIVING KOHEJI (1982, Japan, 78 minutes)
February 20 @ 6:30PM
Japanese horror film king Nobuo Nakagawa's last film concentrates on three characters and experiments with visual style. A young man falls in love with a married woman. Her angry husband kills the man but the victim haunts the couple until all three of them go to hell.
more info:

GHOSTS AT SCHOOL (1994, Japan, 102 minutes)
February 24 @ 6:30PM and 8:45PM
Not one to miss! Four episodes from the Japanese TV drama "Ghosts at School". Two episodes are directed by Hideo Nakata (THE RING) and Kiyoshi Kurosawa (PULSE, THE CURE). Introduced by producer Takehiko Tanaka, and every single audience member will receive an amulet that wards off evil spirits. Amulets and entertainment - how can you go wrong?
more info:

Korean Cultural Service
A GOOD LAWYER'S WIFE (2003, Korea, 105 minutes)
One of the Korean Cultural Service's monthly DVD screenings of a Korean film. This time it's the slightly artsy, slightly smutty A GOOD LAWYER'S WIFE.
read a review:
more info:

MOMA @ Gramercy Theater
February 5 - 27
MOMA's mammoth retrospective of Korea's grand master director, Im Kwon-Taek, draws to its end with even more of the great one's films. There are simply too many screenings to list here, and I'll probably get them wrong, so visit this link for a full schedule and film descriptions:

Village East Cinemas
The run continues for Satoishi Kon's heartfelt anime.
more info:
The Official Website is here:

Walter Reade Theater
Film Comment Selects wraps up with screenings of these two Mainland Chinese flicks.
For full details:

ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES (2003, China, 95 minutes)
February 19 @ 2PM
The director of LOVE WILL TEAR US APART presents a visually demanding, headtrip scifi movie about a totalitarian China.

February 20 @ 6PM
A digitally scorched flick about alienated youth in Shanghai (again?). This time the movie promises some pretty stunning visuals as the director uses pure processing power to jazz up just about every single frame of his movie.

*Special Notice*
February 18 - February 21
Three young Japanese artists who work with "superflat" genius Takashi Murakami (the current Andy Warhol of the art world) take over LFL gallery for a show of their digital murals, paintings, and cartoon head sculptures.
530 West 24th Street (212-989-7700)

Marianne Boesky Gallery
February 21 - March 13
A gallery show by ten female Japanese artists, inspired by Takashi Murakami's "superflat" style. It's a big show, you don't have to pay to get in, and Japan is the only country with a happening visual arts scene these days. Why miss it?
535 West 22nd Street (212-680-9889)

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