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Subway Cinema Coming Attractions:
NEW YORK ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL - Asian Films Are Go!!! (June 16 - July 1)

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March 18 - March 25
Welcome to the latest edition of your weekly guide to Asian entertainment in New York City!

Sunday, March 28 @ 2PM @ Anthology Film Archives
Subway Cinema presents:
TAOISM DRUNKARD (1983, Hong Kong, 91 minutes)

Back by popular demand! Are you brave enough to confront the weirdest martial arts movie of all time? The Yuen Clan (who are responsible for the action in CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON; THE MATRIX; and CHARLIE'S ANGELS) have made a movie that will shock the unwary! Can you stand the Little Mouse Car? Can you resist Lord Ruthless and his Flying Balls? Are you aware of the Watermelon Monster?
All tickets...only $8!!!

Read our review:

Also, ads for the Landmark Sunshine theater on Houston Street read, in teeny tiny letters, "Coming soon: SHAOLIN SOCCER". Could it be true?

American Museum of the Moving Image
PRINCESS BLADE (2002, Japan, 92 minutes)
Friday, March 26 @ 7:30PM
Hong Kong's Donnie Yen choreographs this 2002 drive-in movie. Set in the future, Yuki (the Princess Blade of the title) does a lot of sword-fighting in a series of low-budget, but well-polished action setpieces as she takes on sword-wielding clans, military chic clans.
More info:

Anthology Film Archives
March 17-23, 2004
Scum rock alterna-filmmaker, Moritsugu, does not want to be discovered by Hollywood - he wants to destroy it. This retrospective of his John Waters meets Douglas Sirk with a DIY punk aesthetic is a don't-miss event. Especially thrilling is the screening of Moritsugu's biggest masterpiece, and biggest failure, TERMINAL USA. Hired by the Independent Television Service to make a TV movie about an "American family" Moritsugu turned in this Asian-American soap opera about incest, crime, sex and general nastiness. Asian-Americans protested, TV stations refused to run it, and although it was later picked up for an inflight movie on Northwest Airlines, that plan was quickly killed by a higher up who actually saw the movie. Moritsugu worked out his experiences with the project in his next film, MOD FUCK EXPLOSION.
Truly unhinged.
Full Schedule at:
article about Moritsugu at:

Asia Society
SAVAGE SYMBOLS (2002, New Zealand, 55 minutes)
GEORGIE GIRL (2001, New Zealand, 70 minutes)
Friday, March 19 @ 7PM
part of "Contemporary New Zealand Film Series"
Samoan documentary filmmaker Makerita Urale chronicles the lives of nine Samoan men living in urban New Zealand who chose to have ritual tattoos applied. These things are BIG, and look very PAINFUL. In Georgie Girl, a Maori sex-worker gets a sex change operation, becomes a woman and wins a seat in parliament. Rock! These documentaries (on video) are preceded by the short film Moko: The Art of Nature (Serena Stevenson & George Nuku/2002/5 min./video), the story of a man going through the ritual of Ta Moko Kanohi, the process of Maori facial tattoo. It's like a tattoo convention!
$5 students; $7 members; $10 nonmembers
more info:

read more about GEORGIE GIRL at:

SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN, WINTER...& SPRING (2003, Korea, 103 minutes)
March 26 @ 7PM
Members only! First come first served! Free!
Kim Ki-Duk's acclaimed portrait of a man living at a Buddhist monastery in Korea comes to the Asia Society for a Members Only screening.
More info:

LOVER'S KISS (2003, Japan, 114 minutes)
Friday, March 26 @ 6:30PM
Part of "From Manga to Eiga" series, this is the film version of a popular manga by Akimi Yoshida. Six high school students living in a sea side a giant robot! No, just kidding. This isn't one of those kinds of manga. In this romantic comedy, the kids fall in and out of love and in and out of friendship with each other. Some of the girls even fall in love with *gasp* other girls. Shocking.
More info:

Korean Cultural Service
A LITTLE MONK (2002., Korea, 102 minutes)
Thursday, March 25 @ 6:30PM
A DVD screening of Joo Kyung-Jung's movie about a nine-year-old orphan living at a Buddhist monastery. Bleak, but touching and sentimental, this gentle flick has received a lot of good press.
more info:
Read a glowing review at:

New Directors/New Films
March 24 - April 4
This year's festival includes two Korean movies:

UNTOLD SCANDAL (2003, South Korea, 124 minutes)
Alice Tully Hall
Monday, March 29 @ 8:45PM
MOMA @ Gramercy
Wednesday, March 31 @ 6PM
more info:

SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN, WINTER...& SPRING (2003, South Korea, 103 minutes)
Walter Reade Theater
Wednesday, March 31 @ 6PM & 8:45:PM
MOMA @ Gramercy
Thursday, April 1 @ 6PM
more info:
Tickets on sale at the Alice Tully Hall Box Office (Broadway and 65th Street), call 212-875-5050, or go to for more info.

Museum of Sex (233 Fifth Avenue @ 27th Street)
Opens March 18, 2004
I don't know if I'd call it obsession (that's a little pejorative) but there's a long tradition of Chinese erotica and this exhibition has got it all on smutty display: from dirty Bronze Age tomb tiles, to the last skin mags. Better yet, it's sponsored by Tiger Beer, which is kind of cool. Do you see Anheuser-Busch sponsoring displays of American pornography? Uh, I mean, erotica? It's especially heartening to see this exhibit open on the heels of Hong Kong Penthouse magazine closing up in March 2004.
Tickets are $14.50 (plus tax) and $13.50 (plus tax) for students and seniors.
info: (212) 689-6337
Tix: (866) 667-3984
more info (Internet Explorer only):

Two Boots Pioneer Theater
KALAMA SUTTA (2003, USA, 96 minutes)
Saturday, March 20 @ 6:15PM
Sunday, March 21 @ 3PM
A digital video documenting the human rights abuses in Burma (now Myanmar), this film highlights the difference between the happy face the country presents to tourists and the darker one it reserves for its citizens. A panel discussion with the film makers and some refugees follows the screening.
More info:

ROBOT STORIES (2003, USA, 85 minutes)
Friday, March 19 @ 7PM
Greg Pak's humanist sci-fi film continues at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater after closing at Cinema Village. This looks like the last remaining showtime for this widely praised film in NYC.
more info:

*Special Notice*
YEARNING FOR THE SPIRITUAL IDEAL (Bruno Walter Auditorium, at NYPL of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, 40 Lincoln Center Plaza)
Saturday, March 27 @ 3PM
Vincent Warren, Curator, Bibiotheque de la Danse de l'Ecole Superieure de Danse du Quebec in Montreal will give an illustrated lecture on the history of Indian dance and its influence on Western dance. The program is free and open to the public.
More info:

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